“Three years after arriving in Zagreb, I won the 2005 French Open Title in Boys Singles“

My father never had the opportunity to engage in sports as a child, which is why my parents were determined to provide their children with the chance to pursue athletics. While my brothers chose basketball and football, I connected with tennis and began training at a local club.

Recognizing my passion and talent, my parents built a tennis court in our backyard despite our limited resources and community skepticism about the expense. At 14, I moved to Zagreb to train at the National Training Center, facing challenging conditions while separated from my family. This commitment and resilience were crucial in shaping my success.

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The aim of the product development, which is specially tailored to the needs of athletes, is to focus on effective hydration and recovery management. The products are formulated without artificial sweeteners, which is an important USP in today's sports nutrition market.

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How do we achieve this optimal hydration and recovery that enables us to unlock our full potential? The answer lies in a groundbreaking collaboration between a world-class tennis star and a leading sports nutrition company.

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