100% Vegan Protein ZERO (500g)

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  • IronMaxx® Vegan Protein Zero is a highly dosed vegan protein powder, making it the perfect supplement for your protein-rich vegan lifestyle!
  • It contains a 4-component protein blend, including pea protein, rice protein concentrate, carob germ protein, and hemp protein, providing a balanced plant-based protein intake
  • With up to 74% protein per 100g of vegan protein powder, it helps maintain and increase muscle mass, as proteins contribute to this effect
  • It provides the perfect basic supply for muscle building and preservation!
  • IronMaxx® Vegan Protein Zero is available in many different delicious flavors!
  • It has an extremely low sugar content, making it suitable for diet phases!
  • The vegan protein powder has excellent solubility, resulting in a super creamy protein drink even without milk
  • The vegan protein powder has an excellent amino acid profile, including all essential and branched-chain amino acids (EAAs & BCAAs)!

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100% Vegan Protein ZERO (500g)
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Vegan protein - the plant-based power protein for you!

Would you like to provide your body with high-quality protein without using animal products? Then our 100% Vegan Protein Zero is just the thing for you! This product from IronMaxx® provides you with a balanced and plant-based protein intake that gives you optimal support.

Vegan protein and its properties:

  • Vegan protein with 4 component protein
  • Up to 74% vegan protein
  • Sugar-free in the ready-to-eat drink
  • Optimal solubility
  • Vegan protein with an excellent aminogram including all BCAAs and EAAs

The benefits in detail: vegan protein

Vegan protein with a unique blend consisting of pea protein, rice protein concentrate, carob seed protein and hemp protein: This combination ensures an optimal and balanced supply of valuable protein for your body.

With 100% Vegan Protein Zero, you get up to 74g of protein per 100g of powder. Proteins contribute to the normal function of your muscles and provide you with optimal support. Our vegan protein as a ready-to-eat drink can be prepared in no time at all. It is sugar-free and is therefore also perfect for diet phases! IronMaxx® offers you a protein that dissolves perfectly and makes for a super creamy drink, even without milk. Enjoy your protein shake in the best quality and without annoying lumps.

Our vegan protein contains essential amino acids, including BCAAs and EAAs. This gives your body excellent support!

Vegan protein and flavour - does it go together?

Vegan protein is versatile and is not only suitable for protein shakes. You can also use it for baking or cooking and add an extra portion of plant-based protein to your dishes. So you can easily make your favourite recipes vegan and protein-rich.

Vegan protein not only offers a wide range of benefits, it also tastes great across the board. It is available in many different flavours and tastes incredibly delicious. With our vegan protein, you get a high-quality product that supplies your body with valuable protein. The best thing is, it's not just suitable for vegans, non-vegans can also benefit from the advantages and supply their body with high-quality plant-based protein. Vegan protein is the ideal choice. Convince yourself of the quality and flavour!

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Preparation and recommended use: Put 30 g of powder (about 3 heaped tablespoons) and 300 ml of cold water in the mixing cup and shake for 20 seconds. Drink 1 - 4 servings daily to achieve the indicated positive effect. Recommended to consume before sports or competition, immediately after training and before bedtime.

Hints: Proteins contribute to an increase in muscle mass. A balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle are important. Filling level technically conditioned.

Storage: Store in a dry place and protect from heat.

Sales Description: Instant powder with vegetable protein and with sweeteners to prepare a sports beverage.

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