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Fitness food

Fitness food for muscle buildup and endurance

Fit with the unique fitness food from IronMaxx®!

Fitness food is specially developed for athletes. Bodybuilders, athletes, martial artists, soccer players ... the list would literally include all sports. In addition to the normal, healthy fitness nutrition , fitness food helps to effectively combine high-quality sports nutrition with extra helping proteins, long-chain carbohydrates, the best micronutrients, vitamins and minerals, integrating them into your everyday nutrition. A protein-rich diet is essential for the bodybuilder and shaper and complex carbohydrates are just as important for above-average strength / endurance performance - on the track, on the field or in the arena.

FitnessMusic by IronMaxx® is a high quality nutritional fitness product with effective and balanced benefits for competitive and non-professional athletes.

Protein-rich fitness nutrition

Apart from protein shakes and co., It's the protein-rich fitness foods that are a welcome change in our diet and nutrition plan. Muscle growth and muscle maintenance in its most delightful and delicious way!

Fitness food: protein muesli

One of the favorite sources of protein in fitness foods: the protein muesli ! The IronMaxx® High Protein Muesli has a reduced carbohydrate and sugar content, but achieves absolute top protein values: 48% of protein ! And no compromise on flavor, on the contrary: those who do not opt for the neutral alternative can look forward to the best strawberry, banana, hazelnut or chocolate flavor.

Fitness food: protein pizza

A fitness food classic and another healthy alternative to junk food: the protein pizza! Among others, whey proteins and pea protein isolates thus provide peak values of 48% of protein. With this delicious baking mix, up to five pizzas can be prepared in no time! Go directly to the Protein Pizza by IronMaxx®. A perfect match: The Tomato Sauce Lower Carb with 30% of protein and reduced carbohydrate content!

Fitness food: chocolate bars

Nowadays, there is an almost confusing selection of energy and protein bars in the range of fitness foods . Apart from chocolate bars, fruit, nut and oat bars are also available. IronMaxx® developed the Zenith® and Imperius® protein bars at an early stage as a new generation of fitness food in a convenient format.

With 50% of protein and less than 3% of sugar, the Zenith® protein bar is best in class at affordable price . This protein bar contains all the essential amino acids that supply your muscles, including the important EAAs *.

* EAAs: essential amino acids. These amino acids are the building blocks of proteins that can not be produced by our organism and therefore must be considered as part of our nutrition.

Fitness food: protein pancakes

If you've ever been to the US, you probably remember the delicious pancakes they usually serve for breakfast. But they are not healthy. IronMaxx® has 5% of fat and less than 5% of sugar - our protein pancakes actually contain over 65% of protein! , A formula of four protein sources for effective muscle buildup and muscle maintenance and thus the perfect way to start the day. The carbohydrate content comes from buckwheat flour that has a beneficial effect, namely low glycemic index *.

* Glycemic index: a measure to determine the effect of a carbohydrate-containing food on blood sugar levels. (Source: Wikipedia )

Fitness food: protein spread

Our spread for your high protein fitness food . With our Protein Spread that's the highest protein content (up to 30%) for a sweet spread, there's no need to feel guilty at the breakfast table - it's simply best fitness food . Only 3% of sugar, fat-reduced cocoa powder - vegetarian and gluten-free! Enjoy without regret! By the way, our spread is so excellent at topping our protein pancakes (see above).

Carbohydrate-rich fitness foods

Fitness foods with carbohydrates supply us with the energy we need for training and / or competition and should provide a long-lasting, pleasant feeling of fullness.

Instant oats

For centuries, oat flakes have served as a good source of carbohydrates. Better still: wholegrain oat flakes! In addition to a protein-rich fitness nutrition for muscle building, maintenance and regeneration, long-chain, complex carbohydrates are particularly important for our body to ensure energy production over longer periods of time. The fitness food Instant Oats sustainably refills your glycogen stores, supplying you perfectly with 68% of complex carbohydrates and 14% of protein. You can just stir it into your muesli or into your shake, with (low-fat) milk, and you have a low-fat sports food.

Oat bar

Perfect on the go and especially for athletes and hard gainers: the Oatie® oat bar gives you instant and long-lasting energy boost with complex carbohydrates and a variety of short-chained sugars. Convenient for on the go. Individually wrapped - for sports, handbag and trouser pocket.

More fitness bars, maltodextrin, protein pudding, chips or ice cream can also be found in our category fitness foods . Just browse through - it's definitely worth it!