50% Zenith® Protein Bar (100g)

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  • High Protein - Low Carb Bar!
  • Maximum protein content (50%)!
  • Less than 3g of sugar per bar!
  • Ideal for building muscle and maintaining muscle!
  • Optimized recipe!
  • Long protein supply due to high milk protein content!
  • With all important and essential amino acids!
  • Low Fat - Lower Carb!
  • Protein supplier in every situation!

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Zenith 50% High Protein Bar - Taste the Difference!

The 100g bar Zenith® of IronMaxx® is characterized by the maximum protein content of 50% and minimal carbohydrate content ! Thus, this protein bar is a very practical and indispensable source of protein , for anyone who wants to keep a protein-rich diet on the go . The Zenith® bar IronMaxx® is your ideal protein supplier in every situation! Not just during the day, at work or during leisure Zenith® is suitable as a protein bar for in between. Athletes especially benefit from the 100g bar before, during or after training. Because the contained milk protein is rich in all amino acids and has a particularly high biological value . The contained protein in maximum concentration (50%!) Contributes to an increase and to maintain the muscle mass ! In addition to the unusual protein mixture of animal and vegetable protein sources Zenith® captivates with its delicious taste and is therefore not only interesting for athletes. Even if the cravings strike again at non-athletes, the high protein bar, due to its low fat content is a tasty alternative to traditional chocolate bars.


Zenith Protein Bars: With only 3% Net Carbs per bar!

Conventional bars often have 10-20 times more sugar (Net Carbs) and just one third of the protein content of this protein bar. Zenith® convinces with only 3% Net Carbs . Net Carbs are carbohydrates with a big impact on blood sugar levels. A large part of the carbohydrates contained in Zenith® are so-called sugar substitutes or polyols (polyvalent alcohols). In recent years there has been much discussion as to whether sugar substitutes should be included in the total carbohydrate content. This would increase the carbohydrate content, which is very important in a low carbohydrate diet. Robert Atkins himself - quasi the inventor of the low- carbohydrate diet - is of the opinion that polyols are not to be counted against the daily carbohydrate balance. That's why the Zenith® is a great option, especially in the weight-loss and definition phase, to provide the body with high-quality protein and low-carbohydrate carbs without sacrificing a tasty bar.

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Consume 1-2 bars at any time of the day. The Zenith® is also perfect as a snack before, during or after a workout.

High protein content. Proteins contribute to an increase in muscle mass.

To enjoy as part of a varied, balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

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