Quality & Innovations from IronMaxx® Nutrition

Our goal is to produce the best sports nutrition worldwide.

The manufacture of highly efficient sports nutrition of the highest quality and the continuous development of our products have led to the award of the State Honorary Award for Outstanding Food Quality by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. However, this is no reason for us to rest on our laurels – we continue to work with the greatest passion to provide you with supplements that inspire, work, and taste great! The integration of the latest research findings and the evaluation of practical field research in cooperation with professional sports clubs and our customers have led to continuous innovation in the development of new sports and fitness nutrition at IronMaxx® Nutrition since the company was founded in 2004.

This includes, in addition to the basics of sports nutrition in the areas of strength/endurance, muscle building, and diet, effective dietary supplements for health & prevention, intelligent new active ingredient combinations, and improved forms of administration, like our Tricaps®.

In the area of protein products, for example, IronMaxx® was able to set a milestone in the evolution of the latest sports nutrition products with the development of protein powders that can be made with water in over 31 flavors. The sweet spread with the world's highest protein content, the IronMaxx® Protein Cream, also comes from us.

DLG Awarded

NRW State Honorary Award

High Performance – The Goal is the Goal.

Renowned professional clubs, such as the eight-time German ice hockey champions, the "Cologne Sharks", or the handball traditional club VfL Gummersbach with its unique success story, have been relying on the efficient sports nutrition from IronMaxx® and our expertise in the application and effectiveness of dietary supplements for years.

While in many areas of life the "journey is the goal" is often proclaimed, our customers usually have a very clear idea of their "dream body" and its desired performance. This passion, to achieve the personal goal, connects us with all our partners and customers – whether it's an athletic body, achieving new personal bests, reducing body weight, or team sports success.

IronMaxx® products have therefore become a permanent part of the range of many European gyms, wholesalers, pharmacies, and body stores in recent years due to their high quality.


"Sports Nutrition Must Work AND Taste Good!"

The production of our innovative sports nutrition is thus entirely in the sign of efficacy and the high demands of our customers. This includes, not least, fulfilling the desire for healthy lifestyle products, such as the popular protein pizza, the tasty protein cookies, the sweet spread with extra protein, or the practical energy bar, which, by combining short- and long-chain carbohydrates, provides a quick but lasting energy boost. In the IronMaxx® range, except for intended exceptions, the increased need for low-carb nutrition and the also increasing demand for vegetarian and vegan recipes is taken into account.

The excellent taste of our products is another major plus point in competition with other manufacturers. "Sports nutrition must work AND taste good!" We have been following this creed with great ambition and maximum innovation lust for years.