Vitamin C 1000 (100 Capsules)

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  • High doses 1000mg per capsule!
  • 100% pure vitamin C!
  • For a normal muscle function!
  • For athletes and non-athletes of great importance!
  • Of enormous importance for the normal function of the immune system!
  • To avoid a vitamin C deficiency!

Geprüfte Qualität

Jahrelange Forschung und intensive Prüfung für das bestmöglichste Endergebnis.


Vitamine sind essentiell für deinen Körper. Mit diesem Produkt gönnst du dir beste Zusätze zur Ernährung!


Mit unseren hochwertigen Produkten von IronMaxx® bringen wir dich noch schneller an deine Ziele.

High dosed!

Vitamin C is one of the most famous and important vitamins worldwide. The body can not be vitamin C itself, but is dependent on the diet. The best sources for vitamin C are raw fruits and vegetables. By cooking but they loose the vitamin C content, with the result that the body can not take enough vitamin C to itself. In addition, there are people who have to give up sources of vitamin C due to allergies or personal dislike. In both cases an additional supplementation is important.

When the vitamin C level is reached, the body needs to maintain this consistently, but this is not possible without further supplement. Athletes who increasingly lose vitamins and minerals through sweat or smokers whose vitamin C content is reduced with each cigarette.

For this reason IronMaxx® Vitamin C 1000 high dosed has been created. Each capsule contains 1000mg of pure vitamin C, which should cover the needs of every athlete. No thoughts must be made on an overdose. Since vitamin C is water soluble, any excess is simply excreted in the urine.

Vitamin C - The multi-talented!

Of vitamin C both athletes and non-athletes can benefit from. Since our body is constantly being attacked by many pathogens, vitamin C to support our immune system is essential. Vitamin C in a normal muscle function, which is particularly important for athletes of immense importance. Only a healthy muscle can deliver power over a certain period of time. Those active in sports but especially in their spare time, should pay attention to a need-based vitamin C supply.

The Vitamin C contains it

- normal function of the immune system during or after intense physical activity
- in a normal collagen for normal function of blood vessels, bones, cartilage function, gums, and the skin
- normal energy metabolism
- a normal function of the nervous system
- normal mental function
- normal function of the immune system
- helping protect cells against oxidative stress
- a reduction of tiredness and fatigue
- iron absorption

Important Info:

Do you have any questions or need further product information? Then visit one of our IronMaxx® stores near you! Our staff wants to provide comprehensive advice about our products. Alternatively, you can reach us by phone on the IronMaxx® hotline (0800-22-000-99) on weekdays from 09.00 am - 5:30 pm or in writing by email (info@ironmaxx.com).

Directions for use

Take one capsule daily with plenty of water.

Important information

The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded! Dietary supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet. Cool, dry, protected from light and stored out of the reach of children !

Ingredients: Ascorbic acid (70.0%), rice flour, bovine gelatin (capsule), magnesium chloride (magnesium dioxide) release agent, colors (E171, E172). May contain traces of gluten, lactose, soy and egg.

Nutritional table and ingredients:

Per 100 g Per 1 capsule **
energy 1356 kJ / 315 kcal 19 kJ / 5 kcal
fats 0.8 g b <0.5 g
of it saturated 0.7 g <0.1 g
carbohydrates 14 g 0 g
of which sugars 0 g 0 g
protein 11 g <0.5 g
salt <0.01g <0.01g


vitamin C

1000 mg (1250%) *
* NRV (VO (EU) No. 1169/2011) =% of nutrient reference values

** daily portion

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