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  1. Vitamin VEGAN Zero Gummies (60 pieces)
    Vitamin VEGAN Zero Gummies (60 pieces)
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  2. Vitamin D Bioactive (150 Kapseln)
    Vitamin D Bioactive (150 Capsules)
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  3. Multivitamin (130 Kapseln)
    Multivitamin (130 capsules)
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  4. Immufuel? (30 Ampullen)
    Immufuel® (30 Ampules)
    30 Ampullen à 25ml
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Vitamin D - The vitamin from the sun

Vitamin D belongs to the group of fat-soluble vitamins and differs in one respect severely from all other vitamins. It is the only vitamin that the body can produce itself! To get the body's own vitamin D production going, one thing is especially important: get enough sun! The production takes place in the skin. There are formed from a vitamin D precursor under the action of solar radiation larger amounts of vitamin D. However, this biosynthesis can only be done by exposing larger areas of the skin (face, hands, forearms) to sunlight for about 30 minutes daily. Even if 30 minutes sound like little, you often can not fulfill this basic requirement for vitamin D production. Especially in the autumn and winter months, it will be particularly difficult to meet this demand. A vitamin deficiency is very fast and is unfortunately underestimated by many. Not only the positive properties of vitamin are important, but especially the lack of vitamins can be very noticeable. On the one hand, the immune system can be significantly weakened, on the other hand, it is one of the major risk factors for osteoporosis, a disease that often occurs in advancing age and is responsible for the fact that the bones are becoming weaker and prone to fractures. Vitamin D acts as a helper for the mineral calcium. It promotes the absorption of calcium from the intestine and ensures an increased incorporation of calcium into the bone. In sports, a vitamin D deficiency can also be responsible for the fact that a normal muscle function is no longer present. So if you provide your body with enough vitamins to ensure that the immune system works normally, the calcium absorption in the body is improved, the calcium level in the blood remains constant, the maintenance of bone is promoted and the muscles can bring normal performance.