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Rice Protein - The herbal alternative to whey protein

Rice has been of particular importance in bodybuilding for many years. A large part of the strength athletes often feed on it, because rice is an excellent carbohydrate source that can help to reach the required daily calorie intake. No wonder you have to think about carbohydrates and calories in the word rice right away. Some time ago, however, rice has also made a name for itself as a good source of protein, so rice protein is now being offered by many manufacturers. Rice is about 80% carbohydrates and 7% protein. Hard to imagine how such a comparatively small amount can become a high quality source of protein. For this purpose, the shell must be fermented, so to speak, the outer layer, then the proteins are filtered by a gentle air drying process. Through the careful process, vitamins and minerals, as well as fiber can be obtained, which also plays an important role for strength athletes. Rice protein is rich in essential amino acids that the body can not produce itself. Its high biological value and excellent amino acid profile makes it ideal as a source of protein to support muscle growth and retention.

Who benefits from rice protein?

As a vegetable protein source, vegans and vegetarians in particular benefit from rice protein. Even people with allergies to gluten and lactose can safely resort to a rice protein, because it is gluten-free and without lactose. During production, the rice grain is not heated more than 46 °, so it remains 100% raw food and is also suitable for a raw food diet. Its biological value comes very close to soy protein, so it is also an alternative for people allergic to soybeans. Also during a diet phase, rice protein provides a welcome support, it contains lots of fiber, which leads to a long-lasting satiety. The minerals and vitamins it contains provide important micronutrients that are important for your metabolism. It also contains less fat and cholesterol than comparable animal protein sources. All in all, rice protein is suitable for people who are looking for an equivalent alternative to whey protein and want to provide their body with a high quality plant protein source.