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  2. Immufuel? (30 Ampullen)
    Immufuel® (30 Ampules)
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Manganese - Versatile

Manganese is a trace element and essential for the human organism. Essentially means that it can not be produced by the body itself, but must be fed with the food. This trace element is needed only in minute amounts by the body, but manganese is the consequences are fatal, because it is involved in a variety of important processes. For example, as part of many enzymes, manganese contributes to the formation of healthy bones and to sugar and fat metabolism. In addition, it is instrumental in building connective tissue, bone and cartilage. It is also responsible for the formation of the happiness hormone dopamine. Vitamins B1, B7 and C can only be synthesized by the presence of manganese. If there is insufficient manganese in the body, the tasks can be done by Magnesium for a while. To meet the daily needs of a normal adult, 2-5 mg of manganese is required. However, the individual need depends on the respective lifestyle. Much stress, alcohol abuse or an unbalanced diet increase the manganese requirement. However, a lack of manganese is unlikely to occur with a reasonable diet. Symptoms of a possible deficiency include loss of appetite, weight loss, a weakened immune system and blood clotting disorders. To prevent this, plenty of nuts, seeds or legumes should be eaten, because this mineral is found primarily in plant foods. But yolk also provides an excellent source of manganese. An overdose with manganese is also very rare, only with ingestion of high-dose manganese preparations over a longer period, it can lead to symptoms of intoxication. These can damage the central nervous system and alter the blood picture. However, this is not to be feared by the pure food intake.