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Inulin - For a high-fiber diet

Inulin is a fiber derived from, among other things, artichokes or chicory. It tastes slightly sweet and belongs to the group of prebiotics. Prebiotics belong to the dietary fiber, ie the indigestible food ingredients that are only processed in the colon by the bacteria. This stimulates the growth of these bacteria, which in turn has a beneficial effect on the health of the organism. Dietary fiber has digestive properties because it can not be broken down by the digestive enzymes in the small intestine and thus reach the colon unchanged. Only there is the inulin degraded by microorganisms to short-chain fatty acids, which create a hostile environment for pathogenic bacteria. Since inulin can not be metabolised in the small intestine, it does not deliver calories. The low calorie content, in addition to the sweet taste, is the reason why inulin is often used as a sugar substitute in the food industry. Primarily, it is found in calorie-reduced sweets or spa products. In dairy products, on the other hand, it ensures a creamy texture. Furthermore, inulin is used as a flour substitute. If 10% of the flour is replaced by inulin, one can on the one hand increase the fiber content, on the other hand, the baked goods are particularly easy. In addition, inulin has no influence on the blood sugar level, so it is particularly suitable for diabetics. Inadequate nutrition of the body with fiber can also be compensated by supplementing it with inulin.