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Beef - A must for every meat eater

The redder the meat, the higher the creatine content, it is said in the bodybuilding scene. Especially beef is known in this context. No wonder that beef, especially steak, is therefore one of the most popular foods of the strength athletes. Beef already offers an enormous amount of creatine on 1kg. This is important for endurance and strength athletes, because in people with intense physical stress creatine has been shown to improve endurance (at a intake of 3g per day). In addition, beef is known as an excellent source of protein. With a quantity of 100g, it reaches a protein content of 22g and is also rich in essential, so vital amino acids. Therefore, it is one of the proteins with the highest biological value together with egg and milk protein. Beef also contains many important nutrients such as iron, selenium, vitamin A and important B vitamins. It should be emphasized that it has a high content of vitamin B12. This is much higher for beef than for poultry meat. The vitamin B12 is needed for the formation of red blood cells and is essential for a healthy nervous system. Due to its water-soluble property, however, it is hardly possible for the body to store this vitamin in the body, ie it has to be fed constantly via food. With 200g of beef you already cover half of your normal daily needs. Furthermore, many people still refer to high levels of fat and cholesterol in relation to beef. However, these are dependent on the quality of the meat. A piece of beef of good quality is usually sold with a low fat content of 3g per 100g. Thus, beef is ideal as a low-calorie meal for the day. However, because some athletes lack the time to properly prepare the meat, many of them forego weekly consumption. In the long term, this can lead to an iron and vitamin B12 deficiency. Even a shortage of creatine can not be ruled out, if one waives an additional supplementation.

The Beef Jerky by IronMaxx is a good protein source for in between. The dried steak slices of beef offer over 60% protein with a carbohydrate content of 5% and a fat content of 3%. They contain all the important B vitamins of the meat and also iron and zinc. Especially for athletes with little time, who do not want to give up their portion of meat, they offer a suitable alternative to conventional beef.