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  1. Vitamin B Bioactive (150 Kapseln)
    Vitamin B Bioactive (150 Capsules)
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  2. Vitamin C 1000
    Vitamin C 1000 (100 Capsules)
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  3. Multivitamin (130 Kapseln)
    Multivitamin (130 capsules)
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  4. Immufuel? (30 Ampullen)
    Immufuel® (30 Ampules)
    30 Ampullen à 25ml
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Antioxidants - Protects against oxidative stress and free radicals

The generic term antioxidants summarizes all nutrients that serve to protect against oxidative stress. Antioxidants are essential, meaning they need to be ingested with food because the body can not make them by themselves. Many of these ingredients are found in fruits and vegetables. Coffee and tea also contain some antioxidants . It is above all vitamins (vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin B12) and minerals (copper, selenium, manganese, zinc), which take over this important task.

Why is oxidative stress so harmful?

Oxidative stress arises among other things due to certain environmental influences. For example, UV radiation, smoking, alcohol, increased physical stress and intense exercise can lead to oxidative processes in the body. These processes can cause so-called free radicals in every body cell. Put simply, these are molecules that lack an electron. They want to reoccupy the missing part in their chemical structure and therefore react with other molecules in the body. If the radical has its electron again, the next substance lacks one - thus forming a new free radical.

Most of the radicals are oxygen compounds. They arise naturally during energy production in the cells as well as through other physiological processes. In addition, the compounds play an important role in the immune system. They are released by certain immune cells, for example, to destroy pathogens. Nevertheless, free radicals can significantly disrupt the metabolism of cells by "stealing" electrons from the molecules or from the cell membrane, proteins or DNA and thus even damaging the genetic material, affecting every tissue and every organ in the body.

If the resulting defects in cells accumulate, they can lead to diseases such as eye damage, allergies or asthma. At this point, the antioxidants are used, because they are able to donate an electron, without itself becoming the free radical. In this way, the antioxidants rebalance the free radicals and act as blockages against this chain reaction. Especially strength and endurance athletes have an increased need for antioxidants. They are permanently exposed to oxidative stress, as free radicals are generated wherever oxygen is transported and energy is released. In order to prevent especially cell damage in muscle tissue, a sufficient intake of antioxidants is essential. Since the normal daily requirement increases significantly, an additional dietary supplement in the form of a vitamin or mineral preparation is particularly recommended. Buy high quality antioxidants now in the online shop of IronMaxx®.