MSM (130 capsules)

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  • MSM capsules - top methylsulfonylmethane (500 mg per capsule)
  • Organic sulfur in capsules - building block of antioxidants
  • Important building block of the body's own proteins
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Helps to relieve allergies and arthrosis
  • Strengthens bones and joints
  • Helps to alleviate muscle damage
  • Helps to detoxify your body

Geprüfte Qualität

Jahrelange Forschung und intensive Prüfung für das bestmöglichste Endergebnis.

Hoch dosiert

Durch die hohe Dosierung versuchen wir, die Wirksamkeit auf ein Maximum zu heben.


Mit unseren hochwertigen Produkten von IronMaxx® bringen wir dich noch schneller an deine Ziele.

MSM capsules

MSM sulfur capsules highly dosed

DETOX and muscle protection instead of muscle ache!

MSM capsules with the natural mineral nutrient> methylsulfonylmethane are known for their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect as well as for their positive effect during detoxification (DETOX). The organic sulfur compound in the MSM capsules is essential for the production of sulfurous amino acids, that is, for the perfect buildup of proteins . Sulfur plays in important role When it comes to Supplying energy and enhancing the flexibility of muscle cells and even helps to avoid oxidative stress by supporting the buildup of the effective antioxidant glutathione. Without sulfur, you can experience deficiency symptoms such as fatigue, muscle and joint pains to muscle soreness and cramps.

Protect your muscles and boost detoxifying your body!

The MSM did can be found in our sulfur capsules therefore supports the buildup and functions on of tendons, bones, cartilage, skin, hair and nails.

MSM capsules and DETOX

As the sulfur in our MSM capsules has a positive effect on the permeability of cell walls (diffusion), it supports a better supply of muscle and body cells with nutrients and an easy removal of toxic substances such as acids. That's why MSM capsules are used to boost detoxification (DETOX). A lower risk of muscle and muscle cramps up to a reduction of inflamed joints can be the result. Intensive research is focused on the healing of arthritis, as initial surveys have shown that the joint pains can be reduced in a natural way due to the anti-inflammatory effect and can even result in a possible regeneration of tissue and cartilage.

Further effects of MSM capsules

The organic sulfur compound MSM (methylsulfonylmethane, also known as dimethyl sulfone) is an essential mineral nutrient and building block of our organism. It is necessary for a multitude of processes such as the production of amino acids, that is, of protein, as well as for producing collagen and ceratine.

MSM is a naturally occuring substance that can be found in milk, vegetables, fruit, fish and meat. If you reach your limit with an additional, intensive workout. A high level of MSM capsules . As we are talking about a natural mineral nutrient, a slight overdose is considered safe.

Consumption recommendation :

Consume 2 capsules daily with meals together with enough fluid.

Important NOTE:

The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded! Dietary supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet. Store this product out of the reach of small children! Keep away from heat, moisture and sunlight.

Methylsulfonylmethane, bovine gelatin (capsule), release agent (magnesium salts of fatty acids).

Nutritional information:

Per 100g

Pro 2 capsules


202 kJ / 53 kcal

4 kJ / 2 kcal


<0.5 g

<0.5 g

Hereof: saturated fatty acids

<0.1 g

<0.1 g


<0.5 g

<0.5 g

Of which sugars

<0.5 g

<0.5 g


10.7 g

<0.5 g




Per 100g

Pro 2 capsules

Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM)

86.7 g

850 mg

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Ausgezeichnet in Geschmack und Qualität

Unsere Produkte sind aufgrund ihrer hohen Qualität zu einem festen Bestandteil des Sortiments vieler europäischer Fitnessstudios, Großhändler, Apotheken und Body-Stores geworden. Der Drang, das Maximum aus Geschmack, Qualität und Innovation herauszuholen, wurde auch durch das Land Nordrhein-Westfalen mit dem Landesehrenpreis für ausgezeichnete Lebensmittelqualität ausgezeichnet. Zudem wurden zahlreiche unserer Produkte von der DLG mit Gold bewertet. Qualität, die man schmeckt.